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The Adventuress
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Patrick Shirt
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Canvas Corset
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Cotton Drawstring Skirt
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MacReady Shirt
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Pirate Belt Pouches
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Cotton Sash
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Calling all wenches and saucy pirate lasses! Be the captain of yer own ship or catch the pirate of yer dreams in our selection of beautiful ladies' garb. Make their eyes pop with yer boosted bosoms--guaranteed to produce bodice-ripping action! Add a pair of our sexy pirate boots and ye'll be irresistible!






Canvas Corset
This top-of-the-line corset is a reproduction of actual garments worn in the early Elizabethan era. Made with 44 pieces of steel boning with side tabs to keep yer waist from being pinched.
Item No. SSCC




Noble Bodice
Are ye a woman of mystery--one day in court, the next in disguise on the deck of a ship? Our fetching bodice will dress both yer roles.
Item No. SSLLB




Wench Bodice
Our twill Wench's Bodice features a saucy peplum and gently rounded neckline--and lest we forget to mention, sturdy boning in the front to accentuate yer assets!
Item No. SSTB




Pirate Bodice
Made from lightweight cotton velvet, our Pirate Bodice is both jaunty and feminine.
Item No. SSVB




Double-Layered Skirt
This skirt comes in an array of colors and is an indispensible part of any pirate wench outfit.
Item No. PDC1107




Cotton Drawstring Skirt
This skirt's fullness and attractive colors make it a must-have for pirate wenches and Renaissance peasants alike.
Item No. PDC1075




Drawstring Skirt
Our versatile Drawstring Skirts fit a multitude of sizes, and are great for those wenches who fluctuate in girth.
Item No. WMDS




Ladies' Pirate Pants
Comfortable, lightweight cotton pants can be tucked into boots or worn with our Siobhan dress for the Swordswoman look.
Item No. SSLPP




Siobhan Dress
This versatile dress will take ye anywhere on land or at sea. Comfortable 100% rayon viscose with reinforced boning in front to give ye cleavage any pirate would drool over.
Item No. PDC1094




Deckhand Shirt
Fun and easy to wear, this full-sleeved shirt has a tuxedo collar and ties and the wrists and collar.
Item No. SSRS




MacReady Shirt
This versatile 100% viscose rayon shirt is ideal for any piratical occasion! Great over pants or a skirt; pair it with a sash.
Item No. PDC1018




Caroline Chemise
Our ruffled chemise is both pretty and functional, and so comfortable to wear!
Item No. PDC1046




Isabella Chemise
A classic chemise, the bottom layer for all gowns, and bodices and skirts.
Item No. PDC1048




Jacqueline Chemise
This beautiful chemise will add elegance to any gown, pirate or noble.
Item No. PDC1047




Tara Chemise
Our Tara chemises have very full and long sleeves, which are trimmed in beautiful white lace.
Item No. PDC1081




Gracie Ann Chemise
Nowadays ye don't have to cut yer hair and dress like a boy to commandeer a ship! This sassy chemise is very feminine and can become an everyday part of yer pirate wardrobe.
Item No. WMGAC


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We Offer The Best Women’s Garb!

If ye've been lookin' for women's pirate clothing, ye've come to the right place. All of our female pirate clothing is offered at great prices. Check out our large stock of pirate clothing for women and pirate garb for sale. Don't forget to see all of the great deals we offer on Renaissance garb.


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